Theta Healing

Theta Healing can be looked at as a kind of time travel. Through the therapeutic process, we examine current difficulties or blockages (emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical) and then determine their starting places in our psyches. Finally, we go back to these instigating events and adjust the negative perceptions we had at the time, which set the first groove in the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical blocks and ruts in which we find ourselves today.

The Cascading Effect

While this looks like it could be a purely intellectual procedure, the intellect is only the beginning of the Theta Healing process. Theta is a deep state of meditation (where dreams usually occur). As your Theta Healing practitioner, Grace will access this deep Theta meditation state to help connect the intellectual concepts excavated at the beginning of your session with your subconscious – bridging the gap between the mind and the heart. Depending on the circumstances, the effect can be immediate and dramatic. In adjusting formative perceptions at the point of their formation, there is often a cascading effect, where ones entire history is rewritten from a new perspective. The events and facts may stay the same, but the meanings of these events and facts are completely transformed.

Uncovering Negative Cycles

Maybe you felt neglected or abused as a child or in previous relationships or even previous lifetimes. The natural, and in some ways healthy, response is to personalize these issues – to try to find out what you can do to make the situation better. You think, “What can I change in me that will make them respond better to me?” Unfortunately we usually fall into a negative and vicious cycle as a result of this unmitigated, but completely natural thinking process.

Usually the people who may have acted abusively toward you did not do so because of what you did, but because of their own blockages or circumstances. So, trying to change something in yourself usually does not have the power to change the way other people act towards you. Think of the different ways that a parent could respond to an erring child – at one end of the spectrum there is harsh punishment, at the other is gentle redirection of the child’s energy into something interesting and productive.

What makes a parent act closer to one end of the spectrum than the other? Well, a combination of things – ranging from universal issues like the level of their spiritual connection, to mundane concerns, like how much sleep they got, if they are in good health or are under stress. You can easily see that even a child who is not erring could be on the receiving end of much parental frustration, without it having anything to do with the child’s behaviour. Still, the child personalizes the situation. He or she has to… there is nothing else within his or her power that he or she can do. Once this way of thinking has been set in place, it can continue on into adulthood and adult relationships.

Uncovering Undermined Confidence

The crippling thing is that the child (or adult)’s attempts at changing him or herself in order to affect others are usually woefully ineffective. Not only is the situation not changed, but this lack of change begins to undermine confidence. Having tried everything you can think of, with no positive result, you give up… possibly on everything. Along with this hopeless state, comes the sense that there is something wrong with you… something that needs to be changed.

Many people spend much of their lives either fighting unsuccessfully to change others by changing themselves (we can bluntly call this “manipulation”), or, if they are aware of their own insecurities, trying to convince themselves that they are not the ineffective and defective person that they perceived themselves to be in certain formative experiences (which can lead to all sorts of direct and indirect attempts at building up their own egos – through blind over-achieving, demeaning others, building walls of defensiveness and on and on).

The Theta Healing Sidestep

Theta Healing aims to sidestep the ineffective and damaging “solutions” of manipulation and ego-inflation, by reconnecting your subconscious and consciousness with the universal and spiritual truth of who and what you are… You are loved. You are as you are meant to be. You are enough.

Simple platitudes or affirmations you have doubtlessly encountered and may have tried to train yourself to believe. But if your home is built on a shaky foundation, it matters little how strong or impervious its roof is.