Reiki & Karuna Training

In addition to being a Reiki healing arts practitioner, Grace also trains others to be able to perform Reiki healing on themselves, their friends, family (and pets, plants) and on clients.

Grace is a Registered Reiki Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association and offers training in all levels of Reiki, passing along her lineage, which includes William Lee Rand and reaches back to Dr. Makao Usui.

Reiki training classes are performed in Coquitlam in a small class setting, which ensures that students have plenty of practice time and get individual attention.

Her students receive a comprehensive manual, and a certificate is presented upon completion of each course. First and Second Degree Reiki level classes consist of approximately 9 hours in length each, and Third Degree Reiki Master/Teacher classes are approximately 14 hours in length. Each level may take 3 or 4 classes to complete the level, this allows students to become fully immersed in the Reiki energy, concepts, and have their questions answered.

All courses follow curriculum requirements outlined by the Canadian Reiki Association.

Regular Reiki Shares are held at least once a month for Grace’s students to practice their skills.

First Degree / Level 1 Reiki $200

  • What is Reiki
  • History of Reiki
  • The 21 Day Cleanse
  • Keeping a Journal
  • The Five Reiki Principles, integrating them into your life
  • Ethics of Reiki
  • Our Reiki Lineage
  • The Chakras and their colors
  • Staying Grounded
  • What is a Reiki Attunement
  • Receiving the 4 part Level 1 Initiation
  • The Power Symbol, Uses and Practice
  • Benefits of Self-Healing Treatments and Hand Positions
  • The Three Pillars and other Japanese Reiki Techniques
  • Performing a Full-Body Self-Healing Session
  • The Session; What to do before, during, and after a treatment
  • Performing a one hour Full-Body Treatment on a Reiki Table
  • Reiki Hand Positions for Treating Someone in a Chair
  • Performing a Chair Treatment
  • Other Uses for Reiki; On Animals, Plants, Crystals, Objects
  • Group Sessions
  • The Canadian Reiki Association, Benefits and Criteria for Being a Member

Second Degree / Level 2 Reiki $250

  • Review of Level 1 material
  • Discussions, experiences, and questions
  • Receiving the Level 2 Initiation
  • The Mental/Emotional Symbol, Uses
  • The Distant Healing Symbol, Uses
  • Ethics of sending Distant Healings
  • Various methods of sending Distant Healings
  • The Reiki Box
  • Scanning and Beaming
  • Documenting a Session
  • Integrating the Symbols into a Session
  • Students exchange a Distant Healing in class
  • Schedule a Distant Healing for practice and feedback
  • Healing Unwanted Habits and Addictions
  • Goal Setting, Empowering Affirmations and Manifestations
  • Using the Symbols for Protection, Space Clearing, and Clearing Crystals
  • Using Reiki on Problems, Healing Past Situations
  • Reiki Meditations
  • The Canadian Reiki Association, Benefits and Criteria for Being a Member

Third Degree / Reiki Master Teaching Level $800

  • Review of Levels One and Two
  • The Master Symbol, and Two Additional Reiki Symbols, Uses
  • Receiving the Reiki Master Initiation
  • What it Means to be a Reiki Master
  • Practice the Violet Breath and Performing Attunements for all Reiki Levels
  • Reiki Healing Attunement
  • Distance Attunements
  • Aura Clearing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Creating a Reiki Crystal Grid
  • How to set up your own Reiki Practice with business and marketing tools
  • Teaching Reiki
  • Reiki Master Meditations
  • The Canadian Reiki Association, Benefits and Criteria for Being a Member

Reiki Master training is available for anyone that has been certified in Reiki level 1 and 2.  Master training is available upon request due to class size.

Karuna Holy Fire Reiki®

Karuna Holy Fire Reiki is for anyone that has had Reiki Master training.  Karuna adds to the traditional training of the Usui system.

Karuna is a Sanskrit word translated to mean compassionate action.  All beings benefit when one person is helped.  Karuna not only works on the present, but also can work on elements of the past and future.  The client, family members, and ancestors are all affected.

Karuna Reiki opens a person to work closely with enlightened beings both physically present and in Spirit.  Most Karuna students find the energy more powerful than the first 3 levels of Usui training.

Karuna brings in 4 additional symbols in the first level, and 4 additional symbols in the second level.