Grace is trained in two modalities referred to as IRT, which, because of their connections, she often uses together, as well as with other approaches she practices – providing treatments that are flexible and broad:

Integrative Reprogramming Technique is focused on cellular memory, facilitating immediate and permanent release of impediments held at the cellular level. It allows the body to reactivate its capacity for self-healing in physical, emotional and mental processes. It encourages the body to return to a state of optimal health or homeostasis.

Integrative Reprogramming Technique (I.R.T.) is a holistic process, a simple yet highly effective tool based on fundamental principles of Quantum physics and the science of epigenetics.

Inner Resonance Technologies is focused on gene expression, acknowledging our growing understanding that the inheritance of genes is far from a determining factor in how we will develop physically, mentally and emotionally. Instead, genes are like appliances with various on-off switches that cause them to express themselves in various ways.

Inner Resonance Technologies is aimed at activating your own body’s capacity to clear your “blueprint” of any old programs that no longer serve you. It puts the science of epigenetics to work in order to clear your entire history of negativity and stress, allowing your system to show you automatic and effortless health.